I just finished reading The Beauty of Impermanence, and recommend it to everyone of a life lived to the fullest and well despite many heartbreaks and challenges. Thank you, Frances for sharing yourself so fully with us.


I finished the book, The Beauty of Impermanence: A Woman’s Memoir over a span of 2 to 3 days - what a powerful piece of writing! My friend, Kathy, is almost finished with her copy, also. A magical piece - well done!!!

–Anne B.

A cousin was visiting recently and wanted to take your book home with her but I wouldn’t let her. Why? because I want to reread it, an act that puts your book in a selective category.

I will begin my comments with the title: perfect, poignant, lyrical. I’m immediately drawn to the book because of it plus the beguiling painting on the cover and all the paintings throughout which have great charm and appeal. What appeals above all in the reading is the honesty and the gutsiness of your story. Frances, you have done a masterful job. When I started reading I didn’t stop except to eat and sleep. That’s how much I loved it. My cousin will have to buy her own copy! Normally I would lend her any book of mine but not this one.


Dear Frances, I could not put your book down and no words seem sufficient to describe what a wonderful read this was; so rich, humbling, motivating and deep which has brought me to tears, a rarity for me. Thank you for your courage, wisdom and clarity.


What an achievement. So much generosity and heart-filled story telling. The important themes of openness, optimism, perseverance and love are evident on every page.


“Loving this book. Frances has a unique way of organizing her thoughts and life events that is helping me see my past events more clearly while creating new excitement for now as part of my future expectations.”


“Frances' book is deeply reassuring. She beautifully tells the story of the themes, events and patterns in her life with compassion and beauty. There is a gracious sense of acceptance and love throughout. In this world where we are taught to be so hard on ourselves, Frances shows us how the tapestry of our life is exactly as it should be with all its imperfection and impermanence. As a woman in my 50s, her story also gives me hope for my future--that I, too, will look back on the weaving of my life and see only the beauty of the journey.”


“Frances’ intuitive wisdom has led her to experiences most folks would have run from. Her story is intimate, poetic, intelligent and, ultimately, inspiring. This book is a page turner.”

–Nancy Slonim Aronie, NPR commentator and author of “Writing from the Heart”

“I have been loving your beautiful book. It's a work of magnitude that brings the reader into your wise and creative world. Sending warmest thanks.”


“I attended France's lovely book launch and purchased a signed copy from her. I leave my comments here because Amazon only allows comments on its page if you have bought a book there.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Beauty of Impermanence, A Woman's Memoir. Frances' astounding painting on the front cover is only one of many that appear throughout the journey, not to illustrate only but to give additional material for the reader to reflect upon.

The writing is compelling, rich and clear and full of a voice that makes you believe that you are hearing the bare truth of this American woman's life that began in the time of innocence burdened with many social inequalities and restrictions, to the Hippy Era, childbearing, challenges of marriage--and throughout the intimate struggle with finding the truth that lies within the self and obeying the urge that leads to the experiences of coming to freedom and a kind of peace with the self--regardless of what the world thinks. Frances has told a story that in many ways touches on the stories of so many of us who have made this journey. Courage to seek the truth at all costs is what strength to find oneself requires. There are so many aspects to discuss with this book written by a visual artist, journalist, and poet. I am sure that it is also a historical rendition of society of the last century into the present.

Frances, you are such a happy spiritual warrior. Thanks.”


“This book is poetic, courageous and entertaining. I read it almost non-stop and will definitely order some for friends. Women need this kind inspiration in their own lives especially now in these chaotic and overwhelming times. I loved the poems and paintings, too! This women is profound over and over again. I'd love an accompanying workbook - so much juice here to integrate!”

–Jennifer and Brian

“Congratulations to the beautiful and amazing author Frances Curtis Barnhart on the release of your new book. Celebrating your influence and accomplishment.”


“Thank you for your words, I will save to read again and share. I am savoring your book and reading it as slowly as I can. Thank you for writing this book and sharing yourself. You are a treasure Francis, I needed this right now!!”


“I've really been enjoying your book- so compelling & great writing! Its inspiring me to write my own stories down. I admire the determination I know it must have taken to make this a reality. What an amazing achievement and I wish you much success with it! ”


“A story of a life well lived (and still going strong). What strikes me about this book is the lesson that life isn't supposed to be perfect, but to be fully lived, and Frances has done just that. She is an inspiration to women of every age and time. And for men, this is intimate view within a powerful, creative female. Her life is the essence of wisdom and strength, courage and sensitivity. Read it!”

–A Reader

“Reading this epic memoir, being invited on this spiritual journey, the ups the downs the curves , has been transformative. I met rich complex people on this trip and when I came to the last page I was sorry it was over. ”


“This is one of those books I couldn't put down. I started reading it in the afternoon and finished it by midnight. Now I'm going back and looking at the beautiful paintings again and re-reading the wonderful poems and quotations scattered throughout the text. Frances tells an exciting and at times poignant and painful story with honesty and even humor. She is a courageous, delightful woman who will inspire readers to be courageous and to welcome change.”


“An elegant, courageous book. It's called A Woman's Memoir but we men can learn a lot from this woman's charming description of a journey toward fulfilment. ”


“What a glorious escapade through the intriguing life of a woman who's an inspiring role model for the rest of us: intelligent, courageous, grateful, willing to fully embrace life and wildly artistic in the process. I want to be just like Frances when I'm "all grown up".”


“Barnhart portrays such a rare view into what it looks like to live across eight decades while being open to the larger mysteries of life. A treasure. Profound, insightful, with beautiful language and poetry that carries the reader gently all the way through. I feel immensely fortunate to have encountered Barnhart and The Beauty of Impermanence is my 30s. Plus the full color design of the book is itself so beautiful, it makes a great addition to my coffee table collection for inspiring conversation with friends!”


“I am 1/2 way through your book and finding it SO readable, interesting and compelling. Even when I'm not reading it and going about my day,I find myself thinking about it and look forward to carving out some time so I can return to it. Your life,your story,your writing,your art, as well as your poems, reveal a life well lived, with a keen sense of gratitude,thoughtfulness and introspection. Thank you SO much! I will be spreading the word.”