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Congratulations! The Beauty of Impermanence: A Woman's Memoir has been nominated for consideration in the nonfiction category for the 20th annual Library of Virginia Literary Awards. The Literary Awards celebrate Virginia authors, their publishers, and their literary contributions.

The Library of Virginia Literary Awards Celebration has recognized talented poets and authors such as Rita Dove, Earl Hamner, Barbara Kingsolver, R.T. Smith, Lisa Russ Spaar, Tom Wolfe, and Charles Wright. Winners are announced in the following categories: Fiction, Nonfiction, People’s Choice, Poetry, and the Art in Literature: Mary Lynn Kotz award. In addition, each year the Library gives a Lifetime Achievement Award to a Virginian who has made outstanding literary contributions.

To learn more about the Literary Awards, please visit the Library of Virginia website.


Virginia Festival of the Book to Host Frances Curtis Barnhart

February16, 2017—Roanoke, VA. The Virginia Festival of the Book has confirmed it will host Frances Curtis Barnhart of Roanoke at the New Dominion Bookshop, 404 E.Main St. Charlottsville,VA on March 22 at 2:00 p.m

Author of The Beauty of Impermanence: A Woman’s Memoir, Barnhart is also the author of The New Woman Warrior’s Handbook: Not for Women Only. She is an artist, a recipient of an Artist in Residence grant from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, a teacher, spiritual explorer, and an evolutionary activist in the new human potential movement. Barnhart is a grandmother of ten and a resident of Roanoke.

This book takes us on an eight-decade journey from childhood trauma and an invisible disability to becoming an artist, seeker, and activist. There’s divorce after forty-four years of marriage, self imposed exile and then unexpected love. It includes her paintings, poems and wonderful quotes from other people.

According to Nancy Slonim Aronie, NPR commentator and author of Writing from the Heart,
“Barnhart’s’ intuitive wisdom has led her to experiences most folks would have run from. Her story is intimate, poetic, intelligent and, ultimately, inspiring. This book is a page turner.”

According to Sandra L. Katz, author of Elinor Frost: A Poet’s Wife and Dearest of Geniuses: A Life of Theodate Pope Riddle, “This is one of those books I couldn't put down. I started reading it in the afternoon and finished it by midnight. Now I'm going back and looking at the beautiful paintings again and re-reading the wonderful poems and quotations scattered throughout the text. Frances tells an exciting and at times poignant and painful story with honesty and even humor. She is a courageous, delightful woman who will inspire readers to be courageous and to welcome change.”

Barnhart will participate in the program “Strong Women, Artful Lives”, discussing the rewards of risk taking, the joys of breaking through barriers and the importance of daydreaming. Barnhart will be joined by Beatrix Otz, author of More Than Everything: My Voyage with the God’s of Love.

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